Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Aunt Jan

 My Aunt Jan, mom to Liz, and Mimi to my godson Wesley, had a brain aneurysm on Thursday. She is a travel writer and her and her husband were on a trip to the Great Lakes when it occurred. She was flown to a large hospital near by where she underwent brain surgery. She is still there, and will be for quite some time. She is fighting, but there are far more questions than answers.

Those are the facts.  That's what we know.  And yet those words alone do not even come close to carrying the weight of the heartache coming from all of this.  We are all so deeply devastated.

I know these things come out of the blue, but just never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this would happy to my beloved Aunt Jan. She is healthy and happy and just completely full of life. She travels and keeps her grand-babies, who are the absolutely light of her life. I don't have words for how this has rocked out family, a family that has been rocked enough already over the past few years.

I went on a hunt for pictures of me with Jan, but I can find very few. It's actually sort of crazy since we do so much together and have been close my entire life, but I am typically the photographer, so I have a ton of pictures I have taken of her and Liz or other family members. While looking through the pictures though, I was reminded of just how much I love her.  How much her family loves her; how she is my mom's best friend and the rock of her family; and just how funny and wonderful and loving she truly is.

If you have a moment, please keep my Aunt Jan and her family, our family, in your thoughts and prayers. She is a fighter, but we will take all the help we can get.
 A few more pictures, because I love her so, and think they are worth sharing.



  1. Every single time you post anything about any one person in your family it is so abundantly clear how incredibly close you all are. So as soon as you posted about your Aunt Jan on FB the other day, it was immediately clear how much your whole family must be hurting. You have my thoughts and prayers, my friend, along with my love and though I don't know your family they are included in this because knowing you feels the same as knowing your family!! xox

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