Monday, November 14, 2016

What Happens Next?

 I have other things to talk about. Specifically, the fact that our adorable niece turned one this weekend. ONE! Can you even believe it?  But before I can move on to that, I wanted to post a follow up to my last post on the election.  Thank you for your kind response.  I know not everyone feels the way I feel, and I appreciate being given the space and respect to voice my shock and heartbreak without being attacked by those who feel differently.  I know that is not how the internet always works, but I am truly thankful that it continues to work that way here on my little corner of the web. So thank you.

For those of you still struggling with how to process the events of the last week, I wanted to provide a few links as a suggestion for how to effectively direct your concerns.  I mentioned in my last post that one step we would take would be to be mindful with our charitable giving as a way to fight some of our major areas of concern with the new administration.  John Oliver*  had a similar thought and provided suggestions on where to make those donations.  I have included his list below, along with links, to make the choice to give a little easier.  Set up a monthly donation if you can.  Not just because of this election, but because caring about a cause also means supporting that cause when you can.  If you have $10 a month to give, then give it.  Every little bit helps.

- If you are looking for ways to support the environment:  National Resources Defense Council

- If you are looking for ways to support our African American population: NAACP Legal Defense Fund

- If you are looking for ways to support our LGBT population: Trevor Project

- If you are looking for ways to support our Latino population: Mexican American Legal Defense And Educational Fund

- If your are looking for ways to support refugees: International refuge Assistance Project

- If you are looking for ways to support independent, non-profit, journalism: ProPublica 

- If you are looking for ways to support women's reproductive health: Planned Parenthood or The Center for Reproductive Rights

Thank you again for your support.  I will continue to fight for what I believe in, but it will likely take it's normal back seat position here on the blog going forward.  Of course, I reserve the right to bring it front and center again as needed.

*FYI if you aren't familiar with John Oliver, his show is on HBO  so... language warning. Probably not a good idea to watch at work or surrounded by young children if you care about those things.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that I need to clarify that by no means do I use John Oliver as my new source.  I find his show amusing and thought his list of charitable donation locations was helpful. I didn't want to just post his list without giving his team credit for doing the legwork to pull them together. Given how much I talk with students and how tied public health is to politics I spend a fair bit of time reading news sources from both sides of the aisle. I check in with CNN, NPR, and Fox News daily. (going for a well rounded approach but the center is always hard to find!) I also regularly drop in on the New York Times and Washington Post, plus go to sites that pull articles from all sources such as the Huffington Post. Honestly, I am always trying to educate myself and be as informed as possible. Any additional sources you think that I should add to that list, I am extremely open to suggestions!


  1. Thank you for the links! Will share!

  2. We love catching clips of John Oliver! It's also quite amusing seeing US actors being interviewed on late night shows in the UK, because they're often quite shocked at how colourful some of the language gets! So your little warning at the end made me chuckle :)

    Glad to see you sharing ideas like this. I'm not sure what the US equivalent is, but here in the UK there are several sites that enable you to do your online shop at major retailers and donate a percentage to the charity of your choice at no extra cost to you (the company pays). The one I use is Give As You Live and you download a widget that then pops up every time you visit a retailer that donates, asking if you want to turn on the donation option. So it's super easy to do, and over time it all adds up (it's great for families like us where I'm on long-term sick and so our income is massively reduced but we still want to donate wherever we can!) Give As You Live also have a way of comparing energy suppliers and switching, that also donates a percentage to the charity of your choice. So it might be worth seeing if there are options like that where you are, I'm sure there must be! xx