Thursday, December 8, 2016

Welcome Back (to me)

So thank you to everyone who noticed the blog was down last week and notified me!  The thousands of emails I received from dedicated readers were amazing.  Okay, it was three emails. BUT STILL  YOU NOTICED!  I must admit, I myself did not notice, which is shameful, but apparently  I somehow let the domain registration lapse.  In my defense, they had only sent about a dozen emails over the last three months telling me the card on file was expired and I needed to update.  I mean, WHO ONLY SENDS A DOZEN EMAILS?? 

Also, I highly recommend reading emails. It's a good life practice.  Rather than, say, seeing an email is from your domain carrier and ASSUMING it say they will charge your card, same as every year, and just deleting it without reading.  Anyone who does that deserves what they get. Unless what they get is the deletion of then years of their writing and all of their kids baby pictures. Nobody deserves that.

ANYWAY, we are BACK. And thank goodness. My heart could not have handled 2016 ending with the abrupt deletion of this blog.

To celebrate, here is a random picture of Henry after he got some surprise Pokemon cards in the mail from his Nana.  Just imagine what he is really celebrating our return.


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  1. Welcome back! You are on blogger, right? You didn't need to worry about losing your posts when your domain registration lapsed, as that just forwards to your blogger account, which would have still been there :)