Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Not off to the best start...

So I just clicked over to my blog for the first time in a few days (weeks) and it occurred to me that I am epically failing at my first new years resolution. Actually, as I just added Oreos to my grocery list, I might sort of be failing at all of my resolutions.

On the bright side, we just booked vacation so I am on top of SOMETHING.

I have nothing more to say really. It just sorta felt like I should say something, so I don't just never blog again.  It actually reminds me of the time Missy found my diary. Have I told you all about that?  Why cares, if so, I will tell it again.

So one day we were cleaning out stuff at my parents house and Missy came up from the basement. She had been going through old boxes and came across my diary. She was so tickled, and I was so horrified. She announced she was going to read it allowed to the group. I PANICKED.  How could she??? WHAT had I written?? My heart's desires were probably in that book!

She opened it and cleared her throat. I tried to grab it from her hands. She dodged and began to read...

"Dear Diary. "

*Dramatic pause for effect*

" I am going to write in you every..."

I look at her. She looks at me.  She starts laughing.  Hard.  I look confused.

"That's all it says..." she said through her cackling 

"I am going to write in you every..."

I didn't even get to the word "Day" before getting distracted and NEVER PICKING UP MY DIARY AGAIN.

I guess, given that track record, I should be pretty proud of this little blog.  For better or worse, it has still gotten WAY more attention that my diary.