Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Looks like I might be blogging again, at least in the short term :)  Turns out, I have a lot to say once I am isolated at home!

I am doing some short writing that I am posting on social media at the moment. I would like to preserve these posts somewhere beyond a constantly moving timeline.  So as if I write, I plan to then move those posts over here for record keeping.


I keep thinking of the families that live paycheck to paycheck. The ones that can’t buy extra food because they already buy as much as they can with the money they have. The ones that fear being home for long periods of time, because risk of harm increases at home. The ones that are desperately trying to file for government assistance so they can feed their families next week. The ones that are terrified of what happens when this is over, and they are out of a job.

I keep thinking about the people who have to go to go work everyday in environments that put them at high risk. Healthcare workers yes, but also grocery and pharmacy workers.  Food preparation companies and delivery people.  Gas station workers, Amazon workers, and people working to produce the medical equipment we desperately need.

I feel so very lucky to be able to work from home and not worry our bills wont get paid.  I feel so lucky that Henry can complete school activities online, and is safe and healthy and protected here. I feel so lucky my parents and in-laws are able to self-isolate, and are reducing their risk of exposure while being immune compromised. 

We are so lucky.  And I will tell myself that everyday when I am bored, or lonely, or overwhelmed.  I will tell myself that when I am sad for the things we are giving up.  These problems are so small in this moment, compared to what others are facing.

I will continue to buy gift cards to local businesses to support them through this time, and encourage you to do the same. 

I would also like to donate directly to people in town who need support. Does anybody know of  support agencies we could donate to that is helping to coordinate support for those impacted by COVID-19? 


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