Monday, November 19, 2012

My Very Important Thoughts and Feelings about Breaking Dawn Part Two (because I think you care)

Top Half of this is Spoiler Free.  I will CLEARLY mark when I start talking about the actual movie.

So as you may or may not remember, I was at one time a very large twilight fan.  And you may also have heard that the final movie came out this weekend.
I have read all the books, plus all the extra material Stephenie Meyer has written online, and of course I have seen all the movies.  But sometime between the second and third movie I stopped talking about it as much.  Not because I didn't still think it was a great story, but more because other people thought it was THE GREATEST STORY OF ALL TIME.  And like... I don't know.  Things like this started happening:
And to each their own! If you want a huge tattoo of Edward Cullen on your back, more power to you!  But it seemed like the crazy fans were so loud, and then the "I HATE TWILIGHT" crowd got even louder, so I just slowly backed away and took on the attitude of being over it.  I never denied that I loved it when I read it, but I wasn't like, going to wait in line to see it at midnight or anything.

This weekend the final movie came out. Missy had her treatment on Thursday and we have seen all the movies together. I knew she wouldn't be up for a movie on Friday, but I wasn't concerned to miss opening night.  We would see it eventually.  No need to panic.  I am over all this Twilight stuff.  I am just seeing it to like, finish off the series or whatever.

 Except when it came out the word was that it had a twist.  A big twist.  And I got very afraid someone was going to TELL ME the twist.  So since Missy was feeling pretty good on Sunday we (along with Boo and Candice) went to a matinee show of Breaking Dawn.  And you know what?  I loved it.  LOVED IT!  I mean, it's has cheesy parts of course.  But I was so annoyed with myself for letting these crazy fans and crazy haters make me feel dumb for liking this series.  Everyone loved it a few years ago!  And the story isn't any different than it was when I read it and loved it!  Basically it was a reminder that it's okay to like what I like at the level that I like it and not have other people influence that.

This movie was worth seeing if you liked the series.  If you didn't like the books, you will hate it.  It's as simple as that.  I thought the twist added a lot to the story.  I think it made the movie so much better than it would have been without it.  Although the lady behind us FREAKED OUT and kept yelling "THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK!"  It would have been funny if we all didn't want to yell "WE KNOW LADY! NO BE QUIET!"

That is all I will say spoiler free, But below this line are my thoughts and feelings full of spoilers.  So ONLY READ FROM HERE ON IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH SPOILERS!

************SPOILER LINE******************

Let's do this in bullets:

  • I thought the battle at the end was awesome.  I know a lot of people had no idea it was just in Alice's head, but I actually figured it out when Jasper was killed.  When it was just Carlisle I was SHOCKED they would do that.  When it was Jasper too, and then Seth... I KNEW they wouldn't make this big of a change.  The fans would REVOLT!
  • Even knowing it was in Alice's mind, I still thought it was great.  It added so much to the end and it gave fans the battle they thought they wanted at the end of the book without having to actually have the characters die.
  • I was REALLY worried about Renesmee's face.  And I though it looks really odd for the scene where she was three days old.  And after that I thought it was fine.  I liked that they moved her to older very quickly. 
  • Some of the CG with Bella and Edward running through the woods I thought could have been cut.  It was just a little cheesy to me.
  • I have a deep love for Charlie Swan.  I just think he is awesome.
  • I thought the Jacob/Renesmee thing would be really strange, but it wasn't at all.  It didn't really bother me in the book like it did other people, but for some reason I thought it might be odd on screen.  Nope.  It played out fine (according to me).
  • I kinda want to own that little cottage that Bella and Edward moved into.  How cute was that place?
  • I really liked all the casting of the extra vampires.  I liked the Amazons, Benjamin and Garret the most, but really I thought they did a great job bringing in so many new people.
  • It felt like by far the fastest twilight movie.  Was is shorter? 
  • In the end when they did the thing where they showed every character from all five movies, I LOVED that.  Yes, I am a sucker, but it was nice to see everyone! 

 I think that's it.  But in general, if you loved these books when you read them, and you liked the movies as they came out, don't give up on this series.  They ended it well!


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  1. DUUUUDE. I loved the movie. In fact, I geeked out so hard that I went to a full marathon and was at the theatre for 14 hours straight. Wow.

    I did NOT figure out that it was a vision. I started thinking, okay maybe they are going to make renesme have a secret curing power. It was hilarious because when they killed Carlisle I said, "It's okay he hasn't been burned it can be fixed" and then POOF Caios burned him and I totally lost my shit. When Jasper died I flipped the heck out. Bad. I just kept thinking someone can fix it, someone can fix it.

    Here is the hilarious part. Right before the movie I read an interview with Stephanie where she said that she watched the movie and was shocked for a second forgetting they did something. And then Taylor Lautner said, they change something and we don't see it all through bellas eyes. So I had it in my mind that in the end when she moves her shield and lets edward in that maybe instead of doing that she would be able to see in edwards head. but after it happened I realized Taylor was hinting to the vision and that we would be seeing it through Alices eyes.

    That was an awesome twist. I totally approve. I can't wait to see it again. It did seem fast and I could have done with a little more romance and a little more Bella and Edward in love before we went right to a fight, but actually I think it went perfectly with the book.

    I'm ready to see it over and over.