Thursday, July 11, 2013

Someone Got A Haircut...

So I still owe you an Alabama post, but something important happened yesterday that I felt HAD to be posted about right away.  Henry got his hair cut!

What?  That happens to little boys all the time?  You don't really care?  You think I am insane about his hair?

Good Point.


THE CHAAAAANGE!  (I am just embracing my crazy hair obsession.  Let's just pretend it's normal.)

We went from This:
Seriously... cutest kid ever, right?

To This:
which... okay, maybe doesn't look THAT different from this angle.. I can't seem to get a great picture of the front, that shows how DIFFFFFERENT it looks while still being a cute picture. But the side/back is another story.

We went from this:
Which I know some of you may feel in on the edge of mullet-ness, but oh lord, I just LOVE IT.  I want to reach through this picture and mess with it right. now.

To this:

I am in a little bit of shock about how short the back is, and how OLD HE LOOKS NOW. But I think in a few weeks it will grow out to more what I had in mind. I like the layered look in the back, and I think it will shag out and not take on such a bowl/Beatles/Okay-fine-sorta-mullet-like look this time. SO all in all, it's good. And SHORT. But good.
Henry agrees. (This picture makes me laugh so hard...)

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  1. He's making 'duck face' in the last picture! How funny (and cute)!