Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Body Part You Never Knew Your Lego's Possessed...

So yesterday Henry and I are hanging out on the couch and he brings over a head to one of his Lego men.  He holds it up and says "A NIPPLE!  HAHAHAHAHA"

And I stop what I am doing and look at him.  "Did you say nipple?"

"Yeah!  It's a nipple!"  ahhh hahahaha (laugh sounding  a little fake, 'like... this is funny, right?' )

I look at the lego head and realize that, oddly enough, it DOES sorta look like it has a nipple.  How amusing.  But I then look at Henry and a question comes to mind.

"Henry, do you know what a nipple is?"

"YES Mama! Jaden told me!" (Jaden is a friend from school... so my interest is peaked)

So I say "What?"

and he says "What?"

"No, I am asking you, what's a nipple?"

"I don't know...what is it?"

"Henry, if I ask you if you know what something is, and you don't know, don't say... nevermind.  Look..."  I pull up his shirt to show him his own nipple "THAT is a nipple!  Everyone has them."

And he looks at me, and I swear to god he rolls his eyes.  ROLLS HIS EYES.  And he lets out a deep sigh and says "No Mama!  Dat's not a nipple!  Jaden says LEGO's have NIPPLES!"

and he goes back to playing.  A few minutes later I hear him laughing again... at the nipples...on his Legos.

So this is it... the moment when schools friends know EVERYTHING and parents know nothing.  Clearly Jaden is the only one who knows what a nipple is.  NO NEED TO TRUST YOUR MOTHER, KIDDO. Good luck with that.  Although if you want to believe nipples are just something on Lego's, I am inclined to let you go with it, at least for a while.

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  1. There was a phase in our house where they were known as "neeeeee-puls" (in a high squeaky voice, of course). Kids.