Friday, September 20, 2013

I Would Write A Real Post, But I Can't Stop Watching the Vlogbrothers...

**Thank you for all the support for my last post.  It has been a hard few days with missing her, but you all make it a little easier. So thank you.**

So, somehow like a million years late, I am sorta addicted to John and Hank Green and every single thing they have posted on Youtube. Which... turns out is a LOT of stuff. Like, how can two people have the time it takes to KNOW ALL THE THINGS and then make videos about them? Plus write awesome books like The Fault in Our Stars.  AND John's son's name is Henry. Consider me impressed. 

So although I know I only gave you one blog post this week, I am too distracted by the Green brothers to think of another topic.  except to tell you that Henry's first soccer game is tomorrow, and although we didn't practice actual soccer much this week, we DID perfect his goal scoring dance... because we have priorities in our house.  If he scores, there will undoubtable be a video early next week.  Actually.. even if he doesn't score I have no doubt you can expect some soccer related pictures and/or video coming your way...

Now, enough with this pointless post.  Go watch some of the Green brothers.

Hank telling 53 jokes in 4 minutes (Candice... this one is mainly for you) followed by several other clips that are extremely enjoyable.

Something from the Mental Floss channel...

Something from John Green on Health Care... (We talked about EXACTLY this in class on Tuesday.. who needs college when you have Vlogbrothers?)

Wait... they HAVE A VIDEO about if you should go to college. (Of course they do.. they have a video about everything)

Really.  Everything.

So.. check out the vlogbrother channel, and the mental floss channel, and Crash Course.... any anything else these two post.  Because they are awesome.


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