Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This and That (with Pictures!)

Wow... is it Wednesday already?

That's weird....

Yesterday I started my new work/school schedule where I get into work at 6am and am on campus until 5:30pm.  I am not going to lie, it was a long day.  Doing it four times a week may turn out to be brutal, but I am keeping my eye on the prize of graduation in May!

This weekend held a lot of grilling out, watching (terrible) football games and time with family and friends. Most of these events/people I did not even think to photograph. (Fail.)  But I did capture a few pictures worth posting around here, so lets just do that and call it a post so I don't feel like I am neglecting my blog...

Saturday we went to a birthday party for two amazing little girls, Daisy and Azalea.  Their mama's are sisters and I was best friends with one in high school and Missy was best friends with the other... how handy is that?  Their sweet girls both turned one and we were thrilled to be at their party.  In all honesty, we have been pretty hermit-like  when it comes to seeing friends since the loss of Missy, and that holds true especially for friends of Missy's.  We have all always been extremely close to each others friends, but it just felt very painful to be with them without her.  But this weekend we decided it was time to see people that we love and have missed over these months.  It was a really nice visit, and I think we have opened the door to being able to spend more time together, sharing our lives and sharing our love for our  Missy.
I didn't get a picture of Daisy with her Mama, Becky but did get this hilarious one of Emily with Azalea... that face... she CLEARLY wasn't interested in me taking her picture :)
Henry and Miss Leighton. I can't believe how fast these babies are growing up...
I also go this sweet one of Henry and Leighton, Mandy's sweet girl.  Love her!

After the party we did other, non-photographed things.  But at some point in the weekend we DID go buy Henry his new soccer gear!  He is playing with the YMCA this fall so we had to get him some cleats, shin guards... a soccer ball... clearly we have not been on top of telling him about soccer.  As of last week I asked "do you use your hands or feet in soccer?" And he happily shouted "HANDS!!"  So... there is some work to be done.


So as of this weekend we are officially starting soccer season in the Bio Girl house ("NOOOOOOOOO HANDS!")  They told us he should wear his cleats around the house to break them in, so we figured might as well toss him the ball and let him practice at the same time.  I am sure nothing could go wrong here...

So in another random update from this weekend/week, we got THIS message from Cousin Matt and Blair this weekend...



When I told Henry Matt and Blair are engaged he asked me to take his picture of his 'most most most excited face' after he saw it he said 'okay. Send it to Matt and Blair'! Clearly we are ALL really excited for them :)

This was pretty much all of our reactions.  (Henry said he wanted me to take his picture of his "Most Most Most Excited Face" and to send it right to Matt and Blair :)

Congratulations to two of our favorite people! 


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