Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Candice's Princess Bride Bridal Shower!

So, I know it's been awhile (in blogging time...) but remember how I mentioned that I co-hosted a bridal shower the same weekend as we had Henry's Harry Potter birthday party? Well, GUESS WHAT I AM BLOGGING ABOUT TODAY?!

My sister in law Candice is getting married in... wow, is it only five weeks away?  Yes.  Five weeks (!!) and so my other sister-in-law Nicole and I (along with major help from my sister because she is awesome) hosted a Princess Bride themed Bridal shower and it was SO STINKING ADORABLE.
 Nicole ordered these Princess Bride figures for the cake. Seriously, are they not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

 Twue Wuv banner... a requirement for any Princess Bride shower, obviously.
Anybody Want a Peanut? shower favors :) 

I want to take credit for some of this stuff, but really I mostly just mailed invitations and showed up. Nicole was amazing!  More pictures of shower decor to come, but first lets see some pictures of people :)
For some reason my camera had a hard day (I will NOT blame the photographer!  It was clearly the camera's fault..) but we still got some pretty sweet pictures :)

The first ZPO picture in a long time.  Love these girls :)
Candice with Lauren, her Maid of Honor

Ahh!! LOVE this one of me with my two nieces so I am just going to slide it in here:)
 Now back to some shower details (we are just going to jump around in this post... I assume you don't mind)  Nicole made up an awesome shower game where everyone got a groom, and as Candice opened presents we would call out numbers and you had to pass them around.  Whoever have Lucas at the end of the shower won a prize.

We also did the game where we (Nicole) asked Lucas 20 questions and then we asked Candice the same questions at the shower to see how many they answered the same.

It's my favorite bridal shower game!
 We (Nicole) also set up a jar for people to write date night ideas on for the newlyweds :)
 We (Nicole) also made these awesome "Hello my name is Inigo Montoya" name tags :)
 And we (Nicole) made these signs!
 And more food signs! (also Nicole)
 I am going to stop pointing out what Nicole did.  I mean, WE TOTALLY CO-HOSTED
TOTALLY. (Thanks for making me look good, Nicole)
 And now for more random shower pictures.  Our beautiful bride
 ZPO again
 Candice with her Mama and Sweet Cosma

Morgan and Charing

Victoria and Mary
 Bridal Shower!
 More bridal shower!
 More gifts! Actually, a really REALLY sweet book made by her dad. Well done, Dale.
 More gifts!
 Candice with her future sister-in-law
 ANOTHER ZPO picture (minus Rhi)
 Bride with the official and unofficial shower hostesses
 And one more of the bride, this time sharing her tiara :)

Congratulations Candice and Lucas!  We can't wait for your big day!

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