Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Start of Summer

The magic of summer is officially settling in around these parts.  Henry officially wrapped up first grade one week ago today and it sorta feels like we have managed to cram a lot in this first week...  Let's review.
On his first day of summer Henry elected to come to work with his Mama.  It was...well, it was honestly awesome. I thought he might be board, or loud, or, I don't know, kid like, but he was sweet and easy and I loved him being here.  I wouldn't mind bringing him back a few more times this summer.  I love the idea of him seeing where Nick and I work and what we do, and letting him be really familiar with campus.
We have also been spending rather a lot of time with this group of kids...
The tball tournement started yesterday and the Cardinals pulled off a rather impressive come from behind victory.  At the start of the third inning they were down 5-8 and they ended up rallying and winning 12-11.  It was great!  Game two is Friday.
We also have been able to catch some of Wes's games, which has been great!

It's crazy how fast they seem to grow up... time, man.
On Memorial Day we went out for my dad's birthday to see The Jungle Book (it was Awesome!) and then took these two sweet boys on a (very small) hike. 
We also brought them swords which turned out to be a smart move. They had a blast
Love them!
If the first week is any indication, we are in for a pretty awesome summer :)

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