Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Drop Your Pictures Here...

I keep meaning to post a real and thoughtful post, but never seem to have the energy. My posts are slowly getting further and further apart around here, which, probably means something.  Something I will think about after vacation.  For today, I considered writing about gun violence and the horrifying events of the weekend in Orlando.  But, turns out, I am just not up for it.  So, instead, how I about I just drop a lot of pictures here and leave it at that?  That work for everyone?  Great!

I give you, our summer so far (in no particular... or even logical, order)

 Boo with the kids at the pool
 Dug out fun during the tball tournament
 Cici heading to 2nd base
 Henry being very Henry like
 Henry after tball closing ceremonies.  He is no longer a tballer!
 A picture of the group in Nashville. I told you I went to Nashville, right?  Well, if not, I did!
 After the end of the tball season we had a party with the Cardnials where we ate and played games and then headed over to the ball field for a mom vs kids game. It was great!
 This is not Henry in that game. That would bee too logical. This is Henry in the tournament.
 Also in the tournament. Apparently I am currently into pictures of the kids running
 Tball boys hanging out between games.
 Oh look, Nashville again!
 And back to the tball party.  We love this group of kids! (And our awesome coach!)
 Aaaand back tot he pool!
 After pool ice cream with cousins.
 Oh, back to the tball end of the season party. We let Coach Huff drive the kids in the back of his truck (like, 100 yards through a parking lot. BUT STILL. Felt like a big deal.
 The kids taking the field against the moms

 And finally, a picture of me with Wesley after his team won their tournament!  It was so great!

While I am posting random things, might as well add videos to the mix, right?  Here is a video the kids help make for Coach Huff as a thank you for the great season.
And here is a photo montage of the season, because you know how I love to make photo montages!
 And that's it... blog post complete.


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