Friday, June 10, 2016

A Week Later...

Well, hello there. I am sorry I have been gone for a week. In my defense, it's been a heck of a week.  The Cardinals played in three (THREE) tball games on Saturday, and once the last one wrapped up at 7pm I jumped in the car and went to Nashville for a bachelorette party for Candice.  It was amazing, but exhausting, and I feel like this entire week has been about keeping my head above water. Add in that we had tball closing ceremonies one night this week and the end of the year tball party another night (including a mom vs. kids baseball game!), all on top of like, normal work and life stuff, and you have one very tired household.

Hopefully the weekend will give me a chance to breath and catch up.  Tomorrow is Missy's birthday, which is always a hard day, so I have managed to keep our weekend schedule pretty clear.  It's a good thing because next Friday we head out on our two week vacation!  I will plan on posting again early next week, hopefully with some pictures from the last week, because I really have some great ones.  But for today, I just wanted to drop in with a place filler post to say I am here :)  And I will be back soon (ish).

For now, here is a picture of Henry with Coach Huff, (aka best tball coach of all time) after his very last game as a Cardinal.  Man, we will miss this group!

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