Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Disney Surprise!

So remember when I posted two weeks ago and acted like I would have tons of time for vacation blogging? Right. Then I never came back.  My bad.  From that point on vacation got rather busy with three days of Disney, followed by an epic wedding weekend.  Then I headed back to work with a new job (YAY!).  Basically things have maintained a steady level of insane.  I want to write posts about all of those things right this second, but it's already 10pm, and I just don't have it in me.  Not to mention the picture overload would be INSANE.  So, for now, how about I just drop in to post three pictures?  Not good enough? but they are three pretty great pictures! TOTALLY WORTH THEIR OWN BLOG POST!

 So last year when we decided to go to Disney for the first time we had to let grandparents, aunts, and uncles know that we really wanted to do this trip just the three of us.  That sounds sort of selfish, but we wanted Henry all to ourselves.  Okay, that's the definition of selfish.  But it is what it is.  We have such a wonderful loving, supportive family.  We LOVE YOU GUYS.  And sometimes we want to be alone :)

Anyway, last year we had such a wonderful time that we held firm to that rule when planning this years trip.  It was going to be just the three of us. But then, Boo Chris and Cici booked THEIR "Just Us" trip (they follow the same rule), and it ended up that we were having a half day cross over in the Magic Kingdom.  It seemed a little INSANE to refuse to see each other for HALF A DAY.  So we made plans to meet up.  BUT, we didn't tell the kids.
 Here is Henry's face when he see's his family! LOOK AT THE JOY!
 Actually, I thought they would go INSANE. Like I pictured yelling and hugging and like, maybe tears?  WHO KNOWS?!?!  But in fact, Henry looked over, smiled and said "Oh, hi Cici".  Like, of course she is here! Why wouldn't she be here? Wanna ride  the Haunted Mansion?
So that's that.  The big surprise of Disney was not so shocking, but is WAS extremely fun.  We loved spending the evening with these people.  And then we loved having the other two and a half days to ourselves (SELFISH!)  It was all sorta perfect :) 

Details on the other Disney days (AND THE WEDDING!) coming soon.  I promise.


  1. Hahahaha I love the fact you think this is selfish... You guys always seem to have such great fun with the entire extended family (I don't think I've ever known anyone do as many things with the whole family as you guys do!) so it's only natural you'd need some time just the three of you ;) (BTW I am totally jealous of how often you are ALL together, it is awesome, I'm just saying it's not selfish to want some time alone!) xx

    1. Haha, well thanks! We are so lucky to have so much family that we love spending time with and who love spending time with us!!