Saturday, July 9, 2016

Candice and Lucas Get Married!

There is a lot going on in the world right now, but rather than talk about that (because I feel like I have been talking about that non-stop in other social media spaces) I would prefer to just spend some time focusing on something good. Great, even. Because this happened last  weekend:

I really (REALLY) want to borrow the professional photographers pictures for this blog post, because they are SO AMAZING, but you know, I didn't take them, so I will just give you the link to THEIR website to view them in all their glory.  I actually didn't take nearly my normal volume of wedding pictures because, well, I was in the wedding. And every time I turned around there was family and friends I love and wanted to talk with, so I seemed to run out of time.  But still, I DID manage to take a few worth sharing (plus a few more worth "borrowing" from FB from family) :)

Normally I would try to be logical with the order of these pictures, but instead, for this wedding, I am going to just start with some favorites. We all know how weddings work, right?  I assume you will know that the getting ready pictures happened before the reception pictures.  I mean, we are all pretty smart. With that, here are the bride and groom with the cutest ring bearer ever to bear rings!
Along with the cutest flower girl to ever toss flowers.  I can't even with how much I love this picture!
And this one...
And this one...
And this one...
Maybe we should make these two dress like this all the time because I swear, every picture of them is a favorite!

But let's get back to topic at hand.

Everything about the day was amazing, and a lot of that was because of all the hard work put into the planning, but I think it was mostly because I have never seen these two this happy before.

What a wonderful day to celebrate the start of their new life together.

I feel like I should say something after every picture, but it turns out I want to share more than I thought, and I am running out of words.

So, from this point on, I will just drop all the pictures here for you to enjoy, and assume you had already stropped reading anyway!

Congratulations Candice and Lucas!  We are so so happy for you both!



  1. Oh what a beautiful day! I love your photo posts, no need for words (although I still read them all!) You do know there is one photo of you and Henry posted twice, right? I love it!! xx

    1. Thanks! And I did not know that picture was in twice, so thanks for that too! I took the double out :)