Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome to Coach Pitch!

So Henry has started another season of baseball.  Notice how this time I called it BASEBALL and not TBALL. That's because he is in the big leagues now...
That's right! They are actually throwing balls at my sweet baby.  (Also known as coach pitch)

It has been an experience. We know how our baseball park works. They are all in.  But still, we were not quite prepared for the experience that has been this last week of baseball.  He literally had two hour practices every single day for a week leading up to his first game.  Everyday!  That's 14 hours of baseball! The logistics of school, work, food, baths, and baseball was insane. But we made it. And while I was grumbling the entire way, I must say that weeks worth of practice really did have an impact. He got up to bat in his very first game yesterday and well... there is a video. But before you hit play, I am going to need to request that you ignore his insane mother yelling. Also, the more I watch it, the more I laugh at myself. Mainly because 1. I think he can hear me apparently, and 2. Before this moment I would have said I don't really have an accent...

This epic first hit (A TRIPLE! For those that didn't watch) was a direct result of some awesome coaches that have given significantly more than I have to these kids this week. Henry in particular has received so much one on one attention to help him make the jump from tball to coach pitch, and I am really happy we are on this team.  They have worked hard every single night and man, it was fun to watch them come out and play.

So, go Green Hornets! Thanks for playing so well that the coaches gave you (us) the night off....

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