Saturday, August 6, 2016

Olympics (and other ramblings..)

So did you know I am an insane fan of the summer Olympics?  Like, borderline obsessed. You may recall (or more likely not..) that I blogged about this love in 2012 AND in 2008.  Because I have been blogging for a lifetime, apparently.

Actually, when searching the archives for posts about the Olympics I found this one from  2012 too, which accidentally made me cry AND reminded me of something important.  I wasn't planning on talking about this at all right now, but clearly my real blog posting has slowly dropped in frequency until it is nearly nonexistent.  I haven't decided what to do about that, but I think about it fairly regularly. And as I weigh the pros and cons of continuing to write in this space, I am at a loss.  I had actually been leaning towards the thought that I am probably close to wrapping up Bio Girl. 

But then days like today happen, and I accidentally stumble upon a post which so perfectly captures a moment in time for our family, that without this site I would have forgotten.  In the post I talk about what I expected to become my favorite Olympic memory. It felt that way at the time.  Absolutely unforgettable.  And yet... I had forgotten it. I knew four years ago Henry watched some of the games with me. I remember watching Phelps.  I remember cheering and crying and just all around loving the summer games.  But that exact memory, that joy, it had blurred into the past. Mixing in with a million other "unforgettable" moments of the last seven years. And this is one of the reasons it is so hard for me to think of letting go of this place. To stop recording the ins and outs of our life.  Because while I don't write about Henry or our family stories as much as I used to, a piece of our history continues to be captured in this place.  And while each moment feels unforgettable, it turns out they aren't. And that thought alone makes me want to keep writing here until the end of time.  Because if these little memories are so valuable to me after four years, what will the be worth in 20?

Anyway, the summer Olympics are on.  I didn't have anything to say about them really, I just wanted to write a post, and it seemed like as good a topic as any.  It's almost 8pm, so I think I am going to go watch the games with my boys and make some memories.  Maybe I will even remember to write them down.


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