Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Welcome to the big league (AKA, Coach Pitch)

I know, two posts in two days. Madness.

So, we are officially back at the baseball field and Henry is now playing Coach Pitch, rather than Tball.  Guys, Coach Pitch is legit.  He played in the fall, just to get used to people throwing a baseball at him, but that was in the relaxed world of Fall Ball where they don't even turn on the score board and if you can't hit normal pitches they will come over and soft toss you several balls, to make sure as many kids as possible get a hit.

This is... going to be different.  Six pitches and you are out.  And those aren't like, floating pitches. They are speedy.  And,  you know, terrifying.  Also, these seven and eight year old kids can PLAY.  I am not sure if this sort of little kid sports world has always existed, and I just wasn't in it, or if this is more impressive than it used to be, but I am floored by how good some of these kids are. FLOORED. Like, they have surpassed my athletic ability by a mile. AND THEY ARE SEVEN.

Henry is working out the kinks on how to hit (his has his mother's natural athletic talent, bless him), but so far he is really liking his coaches and his team.  The official season starts in a couple of weeks. Wish him (us!) luck!

We had our first scrimmage this weekend, and he managed to get a hit, and then score, during his second at bat. Look at how big he is getting!  Gah...
He looks deep in thought here, but I think he was actually using his bat to draw in the dirt... still, I sorta love this shot.
On first
Heading home
Post game smile :)  Love this boy!

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