Monday, May 8, 2017

#GreyForMissy and Brain Cancer Awareness Month: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Here we are, on May 8th.  Again. And my heart is heavy. I miss her all the time. I miss her every single day.  And I continue to be shocked when I think of the fact that this is the fifth May without her.  That Henry was three when we lost her, and he will be turning eight this weekend.  I am constantly heartbroken over how much living she has missed.

I had decided to not have an official Grey For Missy day this year, just because I am not blogging much (at all) anymore.  But the  number of messages I have received asking about over the last few days has shown me how much this means to me, and to all of you.  So, even though this blog is mostly quite these days, I will be hosting the fifth annual #GreyForMissy on Wednesday, May 24th.  I have to put it that far out because between Henry's birthday and wrapping up the end of second grade, I need it to be near the end of the month. The day is always a little hard on me, and I want it to be a day when I can take time to let my heart grieve over the need for a fifth May without our Missy.

If May 24th does not work for you, do not worry.  You can send me a picture anytime between now and then and I will share it on that day.  You can post pictures to social media tagged #GreyForMissy or #GrayForMissy and I will include them on a post here on the blog on that day.
Please feel free to share this post with others, and please consider wearing gray this month in memory of our sweet Melissa.

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