Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#GreyForMissy 2017

Thank you all to everyone that has worn grey today and thought of our sweet Missy.   It means so much to our entire family. I have been blown away by the number of people that have sent pictures and messages today.  Truly, blown away.  It has touched my heart more than I can put into words to see both old and new faces among the submissions this year. From our family and close friends who knew her and loved her, to dear blogging friends who were here when we lost her, and who have continued to support us year after year. From my coworkers, some of whom are just now hearing about Grey For Missy this year, to Henry's friends, and their families. I am constantly amazed at how much love and support is given to our family on this day, year after year.

So thank you.  Again. Always.  Thank you for taking this day to think of our sweet girl. Thank you for loving her, even if you never knew her. Thank you for loving her by loving us.  And thank you for supporting us year after year.

As far as I know, photos are up to date as of 9PM EST.  If you have pictures you would still like to share, please tag them with #GreyForMissy or send them my way (email, FB message, whatever) and I will update again first thing in the morning if needed.

****UPDATED AT 8:30AM MAY 25TH****

****UPDATED AT 9PM*****

*****UPDATED AT 5PM ******

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****UPDATED AT 11AM****

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