Monday, January 29, 2007

Bitter Cold

It is ridiculously cold outside. I don't mean cold enough for a little snow, I am talking burn your face off with a gust of wind kind of cold. I am a fan of the whole winter deal. I love a good snowstorm. I hate to say it, but I really love an ice storm as well. What I HATE is when it gets this cold. We had dinner with Nick’s dads last night, and it said the temperature with wind-chill in was...wait for it...NEGATIVE EIGHT!!!

I find it all a little depressing. I guess I am just ready for January to be done. What I would really love is a few weeks off work to spend in sunny Pensacola Beach (yes I know it is cold there too, but picture it in you’re with me). Pensacola is just good for my soul. It is our family vacation spot, and when the weather gets like this, it calls to me. What I really need is to get over the January blues...or just for the sun to come back out!


  1. Yeah, it's a little too chilly for me too. I want a snow day, but I don't want it to be too cold. I know that doesn't make sense. I don't care.

    Where you really want to be is someplace like Cancun. It's very warm at this time of year, but cool and pleasant in the evening. Let's all head there this weekend, 'kay?

  2. yes yes....lets just up and go! That sounds perfect! By the way, you make perfect can get a nice 4 inch snow, so that it is beautiful and life slows down, but still have it be around 25 degrees...I can live with 25!!

  3. You guys know nothing of cold until you walk to your car in Wisconsin, and the wind chill is negative 17, literally burning your skin.
    I'm sure Alice has a comment on this!

  4. Pensacola is perfect anytime of year!


  5. Just tell me where to be and I'm coming too! I do love Pensacola but will go anywhere for fun in the sun. Cancun sounds good, Hawaii would be nice, just don't make the mistake of thinking Southern California is all that warm in the winter time. I once had company, who shall remain unnamed, who showed up for a visit in November with tank tops and shorts in her suitcase. Oh no, we believe in winter here in So. Cal, we just don't have the insane temps, like 8 below. We think we're "freezing" when it's in the 30's and 40's. What do we know??

  6. I hate the cold...although I don't really mind storms either, as long as we have what we need so we don't have to travel and as long as the power stays on.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment.

  7. Yes, if you want to know winter, we can tell you! And this year has been mild until recently. It actually has gotten cold after Cory, Liz & Wes headed home. Plus, wouldn't you know, now we have snow. And it keeps snowing. Yesterday I thought it was too cold to snow - but guess what - it snowed some more. It was snowing when I left for work this morning,and when I came home from work this evening. Not enough for snow days, much to Carissa's dismay. Most of the rest of the week will be highs in the single digits - without any wind chill. Anyone care to vacation in Wisconsin? I'd love to see you:)

    PS - Sarah - Nice new blog!