Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What a Day!

I bet you all were beginning to think I was not going to post today...WRONG! Here I am ready to tell you about a ridiculous day. First off, I had to be at work at 8:30 this morning. Now, I know lots of you think this would be a dream, but for me it is early. I hate having to be anywhere early. It just makes me tired for the rest of the day. Blah. Anyway, I had this oh-so important conference call at 8:30, so I rush off to work, only to find that it has been canceled. Great.

I did then plan to come home for lunch, clean up a bit, and then post here on good old Bio Girl, but at the last minute Tarp (the guy I work with) wanted to take me out for Jim's Birthday. Was Jim, Tarp's boyfriend, with us for his own birthday celebration, you might ask...nope. He couldn't come. Tarp had gotten all excited about the Mexican Soup and once Jim backed out I got to go to the Birthday lunch instead!! How great. I will take as many birthday lunches in a year as I can get!

Okay, so here is when my day gets a little more interesting. (Why did I tell you the first two stories then...I don't really know) Okay, so Tarp and I get back from lunch, no big deal, but then we hear...there has been a leak....not really a leak, but more like an explosion. You see, my lab was recently taken over by a new company and we shrank way down in size. The building we were using was way too big for the five of us that stayed, so they closed down about two thirds of it. In order to save money in the summer, we did not have the air-conditioning on over on the other side. I guess they thought that this was such an amazing money saver, that they would also not turn heat on in the winter. Smart, right??

So, yep....you guessed it. Our water lines busted. I guess they busted some time yesterday, but since we never go over there, we had no idea. That is until someone noticed water pouring out of the back of the building. It. Was. Everywhere. There were waterfalls pouring out of the ceiling tiles (what was left of the tiles anyways...most had fallen out of the frames along with their insulation. There were a couple of inches of water everywhere. We had been using the rooms as storage, and all of these computers, printers and copiers are ruined. We couldn't find a way to get the water turned off, and Tarp and I kept telling them to call the fire department, but nobody would listen to us. They called a plumber instead.

So, now we have a HUGE mess. I mean, it is really crazy. Not sure what we are going to do about it just yet, but it made for a really exciting day!

So now I am home from work and I hear the timer going off for the pork chops...looks like that is my queue to hit publish and lay on the couch for the rest of the evening! (Oh...are you amazed that in my crazy day I found time to get home and marinate pork chops?? I thought so! I had to come home and change my socks because my feet were all pruned like when you ride to many water rides at an amusement park, so I started dinner while I was home! Yum!!)


  1. Funny how everyone's different, I prefer to be up early. I love working at 7:30, because then I get off at 4 or 4:30. And I have the WHOLE EVENING to relax. Love it.
    I am sure the company's insurance will cover all of the equipment in storage that was ruined, even though it's inconvenient for you guys.

  2. What a terrible day!

    Uh...I have to be at work at 7:00. I have NO sympathy for you.