Sunday, January 28, 2007


Well, I'm back! I have this goal to see how many days I can post in a row. My goal is 365...but I really hope I get to seven. One whole week of posting! This inspiration came from my aunt, Mrs. Who, who is able to post every single weekday on insightful and touching topics. My topics will be more of the genre "Why I love Futurama", or "The Joy of Gravy"...but still, they will be posts!

As a slight side note, I have decided I am an idiot. I so confidently announced at SIS day yesterday that I am a really funny person. WHY would I say this??? Now there is all this pressure...I just MUST think of funny things to say! So, I must apologize. I will eventually be funny on here (I hope) but you all are going to have to wait through my humor block. Once I forget that I need to think of something funny, I am sure the humor will come back.

Now instead of a laugh until you cry post, I will tell you of my morning. When I woke up my house was full of a smell...the wonderful smell of pancakes! This is one of the thousands of reasons I love Nick. This is common in our house. Sunday mornings he gets up before me and makes us breakfast. Then we lay around and watch TV and just laugh and relax. It's perfect. Now, as I sit here writing this post, he is in the laundry room laying hardwood floor, (the floor needed to be refinished due to this little accident I had while he was out of town this summer. He had done enough then to make the floor functional, but had put the replacing of the wood and refinishing until now) I am just amazed with him. Even when I got home yesterday from lunch out with the girls, he was working on the addition because it was nice enough to work outside. He never complains, he just does what needs to be done. I know lots of girls think it, especially ones that just got married three months ago, but I am just so lucky. He's the best!

So that's it for now. I will see you all tomorrow!


  1. I do wish I had a "Nick" around the house. It would be so handy. I have so many HH repairs and "things" that need doing. Want to loan him out? It would probably be cheaper to pay for his ticket here than to hire a handyman to do the MANY things I'd like to get done. Ah's a nice thought. You're a lucky girl, he's handsome, he's sweet, he's hardworking and he does floors too! Does it get any better? Keep up the writing. I enjoy hearing about your life. Love you.


  2. Next time you have pancakes for breakfast you had better call me! I can be there in 3 minutes!! :) As for Nick...he is the greatest!!

  3. Mmmmm...pancakes. If Tom ever made pancakes, I would probably have a stroke. Actually, if Tom ever prepared a meal of any kind, I would have a stroke.

    The only reason I can post every day is that I have a backlog of posts that I have created when inspiration strikes me. If I sat there trying to write every morning, I would totally stress myself out.

    Keep writing! You don't have to post every one - keep them as drafts.

  4. Nick is pretty awesome, I know because I lived with you both!

    Cory will cook if I ask him, buuut, never to like surprise me or're a lucky girl!