Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Capitol City!

Well, tomorrow is the big day! We are finally heading up to DC! Nick and I have been wanting to go for a really long time. Boo, Chris and Missy will all be joining us for our big adventure. We are all so excited! We are going to the Museum of Natural History, the Aeronautics and Space Museum, the National Mall to see all of the Monuments (looking forward to saying "Hi" to Honest Abe), the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to see how all the money is made, the Holocaust Museum, Arlington Cemetery, the Capitol Building, the White could you not be excited to see all of these things?? Nick has put so much work into planning our trip. We have perfect weather and are staying in a really nice is going to be amazing!

Of course, it is nearly eleven o'clock and I we are totally not ready. we are going to work tomorrow, but leaving town at four. We MUST have the suitcase packed before bed. Lots of laundry is going now. Nick is cutting his hair as I type, and I just waxed the old least we will be well groomed. Don't want to look shabby in our nations capitol! Okay, I must get back to work. Just wanted to let the blogging world know that I am out of commission for a few days. I will have pictures up when we get back!

**Would it be odd to knock on Amalah's door and ask to kiss Noah's sweet little head...yea, I thought so***


  1. Aww guys...I'm going to be in DC all next week. Hope you have a great time, DC is awesome :)

  2. I think you should go find our blog friends