Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yea! It is my my favorite day of the year. Okay...that might not be true...I actually think I like Christmas better. I know you think I like these two days because I get gifts, but that really isn't it (although I do love getting new great things like the adorable outfit I have on right now that Boo gave me last night...) I really love having everyone together. I love my family, I love my friends, and any reason to get us all together is a pretty perfect day to me!

Anyway, we are going to PF Chang's for dinner tonight, and I am really excited. I have never been, and keep hearing that it is great. I am kind of wanting to go see a movie after that, but we will see if it works out. We are having our annual Halloween party tomorrow night, so I am not really wanting to get in to anything that will have us up really late or have us all dragging tomorrow.

Speaking of Halloween, we finished our costumes last night. They. Are. Amazing. Seriously. This is a five person costume, and it might be the coolest thing we have ever been. Maybe not better than Duff man and Duff girl....but still I think it is awesome. I will get pictures up here on Sunday. We did have to use 15 (that's right) cans of spray paint on the costumes last night, and now I have a callus on both my pointer fingers...and both my thumbs. Really annoying when trying to type....

Also, as an added side note, I am sorry I have not posted this week. I have been really (REALLY ) sick. It all started over the weekend, and I thought I just had a cold, but then it turned into full blow Bronchitis. We had the Bio audit, so I was working through the crappy feelings, then the rain started. Do you know what it is like in an environmental lab when it has been a summer long drought and it finally rains. Every client did a rain event. Thousands of samples. Mostly it was done it the main lab, but Justin went up there for most of the week and worked 16 hour days...poor guy. Anyway, it had been crazy. At least it is done, and I am feeling better just in time for my birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday Little Princess.

    We love you,


  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you!!

    C & C

  3. Happy birthday! And you will love P.F. Chang's. Get the Kung Pao shrimp - it is WONDERFUL. The best thing on the menu.

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah :) See you tomorrow night and we will celebrate!!!!

  5. Happy late birthday!! Your b-day dinner was great! Our costumes rocked!!