Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well today is the first day that I am home alone with little Henry. Nick was able to take a week and a half off work after he was born, so up until now we have been a team during the days. This morning the alarm went off and Nick was gone. And I am now on my own! This would be more terrifying if Henry was any trouble at all. Lucky for me he is basically the best baby ever. He never really cries. He lets out a short burst of a sob every now and then, mainly when we are changing his diaper, to let me know he is annoyed, but even then he pipes down really fast. He is just laid back. How lucky are we??

I feel like I have managed to post pictures on here of our sweet boy, but I haven't actually done much talking about his personality. I guess I have that right with a new baby at home, but there are things I want to get down in writing. Just because I know they change so fast, and I don't want to forget that he used to be this good! Henry loves me and Nick. He calms down just by hearing our voice. Especially Nick's. He has a way of coming in the room when Henry is frustrated and saying, "Henry, it's your Papa" and Henry just looks at him and calms down. It is really amazing. He loves being held, and will let anybody hold him. He is truly content. He doesn't mind being in his bassinet either. We can lay him in it, even when he is awake, and he will just chill and then drift off to sleep. This makes the nights so much easier. I will feed him, which takes a good hour, but then I can lay him down and he will pass right out.

I wish I could capture all of his facial expressions on film. He seems like such a thinker. He is always studying things around him. Always trying to understand what the heck is happening. He constantly wants his one hand out of his blanket so he can put it on his face, and usually he has his pointer finger pointing up against his cheek like his is in deep though. I love it. He is working really hard on holding his head up, which totally cracks us up. He has this long neck and he so wants to control it, but there is just no way. Still, he is trying and he will get there soon!

He is officially over the jaundice issue. We spent nearly everyday his first week home at the hospital getting blood work, but the numbers are finally going down. We have his two week check tomorrow, and I cannot wait to see what he weighs. They have been keeping a close eye on his weight since he is so little, and he is hanging out right around 5lb 8oz. He dropped down to 5lb 5oz, then came back up to 5lb 8 oz and has been there for a few days. He is eating like crazy, so I will be SHOCKED if he isn't bigger tomorrow. If he isn't, god help my boobs. I am not sure they can take much more.

Let's see, what else...he ventured out of the house for his first party this weekend! My sister had a memorial day cookout and Henry came along. He was a huge hit! Here is a picture of the family...
I guess that is really it for now. We just adore him. I love watching Nick with him. He has jumped right in and will happily change diapers and get him dressed. He loves being with him, and I love watching them together. A part of me can't wait to watch him grown, while the other part wants him to never get any bigger because I am so in love with him right now. I guess that is just being a mom...


  1. I'm so glad you and Henry are doing so well. You look great, by the way!

  2. WOW look how amazing you look! I am so impressed :)

    Your babe is so TINY! What a little sweetheart!

  3. Sounds like you're having such a wonderful time - I am so happy for you guys!

  4. I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing good! It sounds like you have a great baby, hopefully someday I will have one just as good!

  5. Enjoy your time with Henry! It's great to write about all of these early days...they change so fast!

  6. Yeah his first outing. You look great by the way.