Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best of 2009

Well, it has kinda become a Bio Girl tradition to do an end of the year "Best of Bio Girl" post. (see 2007 and 2008) So, before we head out to ring in the new decade (it really makes me feel old that it has been ten YEARS since the millennium...), I present you the best of 2009!
  • I like to start with January and work my way through the year, but lets jump on ahead to May for this first bullet and say this is by far the best of 2009.
  • And while I am jumping around to heart warming, real topics, let me go ahead and link to a general category from this year; Letters to Henry. I love writing these, and I know one day he will love reading them. I plan to make a book of them for his first birthday.
  • So now that serious stuff is out of the way, here is a list of pregnancy cravings. With pictures and everything!
  • I totally forgot about trying to make a return to a crying sales clerk!
  • The cats...they are still around, and they are multiplying.
  • A hypothetical snot bubble.
  • I will try to not do this to my new iphone.
  • The reason pregnant girls need to check the mirror.
  • Good thing I didn't get a ticket to this since I had Henry 8 days later...
  • And then Henry was born. My first post as a Mama.
  • Remember when Henry made me watch Homeward Bound?
  • I forgot about this peanut butter! I gotta pick some up now that I can eat it again...
  • Back to another food post, but remember that time I thought Henry was bleeding...but turned out it was chocolate.
  • I forgot I got stuck in a pair of pants...but I am still amazed I could even get them on!
  • Not as light hearted, but still a good post about struggling with my post baby body.
  • Followed up by my 5k! (which I walked...)
  • Pictures of Henry's missing hair (it is totally coming back in now!)
  • A debate over running...something I have managed to do twice I think.
  • Henry's day with Carter
  • Henry trying on some Halloween Clothes!
  • Oh yeah...I turned 30.
  • We grew our own pumpkin this year too!
  • Then we had Henry's first Thanksgiving.
  • And his first Christmas too!

So that's it. The best of Bio Girl 2009. Thanks for sticking around for another year. I will see you in 2010! (which I plan to call twenty-ten...sounds cooler.)

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