Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So here I sit, all alone in my little hotel room. There is nothing but crap on the TV and I am waiting on my dinner to get here (I ordered in...because it has been a long day and going someplace alone just wasn't even remotely appealing.) and it occurred to me that I sure do manage to find time to do lots of complaining about issues on here, but I never seem to find the time to give actual honest to god updates on these topics once things get better. I mean, it is sorta rude of me. I am all like, "HEEEEELLLLPPPP ME INTERNET FRIENDS!!!" And you come to my rescue again and again and all you hear back are crickets. Soooooo, lets talk.

Breast Feeding:
So the breast feeding issue is going much much better. The reasons for this are two fold. Number one. I totally and utterly have removed Caffeine from my diet. Not "mostly" or "almost totally" but COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY GONE. This means my morning coffee is gone (yes, I still had morning coffee *shame*) My sweet teas from McDonald's are gone. It is all gone. Except Chocolate. Okay, that isn't gone. Because who stops eating chocolate. Totally impossible. Anyway, this removal of all liquid caffeine has made a real difference. Like night and day. I am getting much more milk when I pump, and I no long feel like I am getting that deer in headlights look when he is done nursing.

Number two, I calmed the flip down and stopped being a crazy spaz of a first time mom that was all like, "My BABBBBEEEE my precious BABBBEEEEE is STARVING", because...well, come to find out he is really doing well. I realized this when Nick fed him a bottle and he drank the entire thing in less than three minutes. This kid can eat fast. I then managed to pump seven ounces in about three minutes as well. So....this showed me that just because he eats fast does not mean he is not eating enough. He always seems satisfied. Sometimes there is milk left that he decides not to eat. So, that is a sure sign he is full. My boy is happy and healthy and doing great. I am trying not to stress.

I totally forgot to tell you all, but I am back on dairy! Everything short of large glasses of milk and pieces of cheesecake, both of which I will be trying soon. We have eased back into it and he has handled it really really well. I think it helps that he is eating so many new things now, his body is just getting used to it.

Eating Veggies:
That reminds me, Henry totally eats veggies now. Like, he loves them. Especially green beans and carrots. He LOVES THEM. He gets a little mad when they are gone. Ignore the freak out over the sweet potatoes. Apparently he just isn't a fan. I had nightmares of him hating EVERYTHING, which clearly has not been the case. Thank God. Moving on.

Sleeping Habits:
Henry is sleeping much better. Much much better. I think this was another case of calm the flip down on my part. It was our fault that his sleep got so out of whack. We let him fall asleep in the living room too many times. That was a big part of the refusing to go to bed issue. That was resolved with seriously just one night of not taking him into the living room. We didn't let him cry, but we didn't take him out of his room either. We just went in there and rubbed his back, sang him songs, and told him good night. Three tries and he was out. The next night he went to bed without a peep. Funny how his issues seem to always turn out to be my fault. Welcome to parenthood.

As for the waking up in the night, it is hit or miss, but he only woke up once in the last five nights. When he does get up, he usually has a lot of gas, so I really think it is the new foods we are working into his diet. All in all, things are much better

Okay, I am sure I have lots of other topics I forgot to follow up on (feel free to ask questions in the comments if you think of any. I always forget what I blog about on here in the heat of the OH-MY-GAWD-IT'S-THE-END-OF-THE-WORLD moments.) I am sure there are other things...maybe even some which are non-Henry related. For now, I am going to eat my food that was just dropped off! Man, delivery is awesome.


  1. Sarah, I love the updates. I DO always wonder what happened so thank you :)

    I'm also a freaking out mom who asks the internet so I get it COMPLETELY

    your homecoming with Henry is going to be sooo sweet :)

  2. Enjoy your time away! I'm so glad everything is going better! Yea for updates!