Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Party

Well it is officially the holidays. Our annual Friend Christmas Party was Saturday night! (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 has also been documented on a blog...I can't believe I have been blogging that long. Also, my hair was something special in 2007). Anyway, the party! It was at Boo and Chris's house and it was a huge success! They had a ton of food, we played some awesome Christmas games and everyone had an all around great time! Me and Nick enjoying the annual party, just the two of us.
Oh, but we did totally bring Henry. I mean, how could we be without our sweet boy at the Christmas Party?? Of course, he seems completely uninterested in the family portrait. Here is Henry with his Aunt Boo...a little more interested, but not really.
Hanging out with Aunt Candice and Uncle Awesome. Henry is fascinated by the dog toy Uncle Awesome is using to entertain him.
And now, some actual pictures of people without Henry in them. Here are Missy and Charing, looking adorable.
Ryan and Arielle, who just got engaged! We are all so excited!
Switching topics...what smooth transitions I have on this blog, here is the desert table! There was a food table, but I was finishing my third plate of food before I thought to photograph it, so it was sorta picked over. (WHHHHYYY Can't I loose these last seven pounds??)
How stinkin' adorable are these cookies my sister made? LOVE.
And now back to actual people! The hosts of the party. Thanks guys!!
Shawna and Alyssa hanging out
Laura, Abby and Gayla looking adorable
Oh, here's Henry again! Just in case you forgot about him. Sweet sweet boy in his Christmas Train outfit. ( Who may or may not have stayed awake at the party until midnight. But WHHHHHYY wont my baby sleep??)
Me and Charing
A cute one of Missy and Ashley
Aunt Candice and a very sleepy Henry
So I meant to have more of a transition to the games part of this post, but whatever. We played that Christmas game where you steal presents, we call it the White Elephant Game. And everyone brought something, and three people, THREE PEOPLE, brought a snuggie. Yes. And they were three of the first four presents opened. And even though there were THREE of them, they were still stolen like crazy and fought over, because EVERYONE wants a snuggie. Here are the three victors. Oh yes I am one of them. I am ruthless at that game. Also, my snuggie is awesome, but seems to be made of a rather flammable feeling material. I will not sit too close to the fireplace.
After the present game we broke out the whiteboard for some Christmas Pictionary. It should be written in stone that the larger the board for pictionary, the more fun it becomes. Nobody can resist writing on a white board. Except Charing.

And finally, here is a shot of my girls who are at the party every year. We were missing a couple of regulars, but we all had a great time! Boo and Chris, thanks for a great Friend Christmas. We loved it!!

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