Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birth Certificate

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Henry is on Nick's insurance. The day he was born happened to be the cut off for open enrolment at the University, so Nick had to run across campus to change his insurance plan. He could have added Henry at anytime during the year, but to change from one plan to another had to be done ON THAT DAY. So it was a little crazy. They wanted to put Henry on right then because it was easier (and because he was born, so it seemed silly to wait), but they needed proof that he was Nicks child. The only thing we had was some hospital paperwork and his footprints. They accepted it and our boy was insured.

Well, a few months ago we started getting letters wanting us to verify he was ours. For some reason we ignored these letters. I cannot explain it. We just didn't get what the big deal was. We "proved" he was ours once! Why do we need to do it again? It wasn't exactly like I never planned to provide their proof, it just didn't seem important enough to stop what I was doing at that very moment. But today we got a letter we could not set aside. It said we HAD to bring in a copy of Henry's birth certificate or he would be dropped from coverage. Okay. Go ahead and play THAT card Mr. insurance company. We will bring you your "proof".

But then I started looking for his birth certificate. And...then I started thinking....did we ever even get him one? No. Turns out we didn't. We just skipped over that entire deal all together. I kinda just assumed a birth certificate CAME with birth. Doesn't that seem logical? What is all this about contacting the state to have it sent to us?? And paying for it? Shouldn't the FIRST birth certificate be free?? The hospital sent off to get his social security number, so we had that, but not an actual record of his birth. Great.

So I had it rush ordered (which turns out, isn't cheap) and sometime next week we can make him all official and stuff. Sixteen months old and finally gets proof he is ours. At least his birth certificate doesn't have white-out on it like mine. That's right. My birth certificate has WHITE OUT on it. For years I was sure it meant I was adopted. In reality they just misspelled my dad's middle name and were too lazy to start over. Classic.


  1. When we went on our very first cruise, I realized after having it my entire life, that my birth certificate was actually the one from the hospital and the cruise line would not accept it. I had to rush to get one express mailed from Virginia and almost had to drive to Virginia to get it, but it came at the last minute. Whew. Glad Henry has his!!

  2. yikes!! what a nightmare! Here in Ontario, the hospital gives you all the forms but you still have to fill them out and mail them in or do them online which is what we did.
    Too funny about the white out, that's crazy!

  3. Ah, you have to love bureaucratic paperwork! Glad to hear that you were able to sort it all out!

    I'm visiting from Where's the Love Friday. Have a great weekend!

  4. It's crazy isn't it... when Tim and I went to register our intent to marry, which we had to do to be eligible to actually marry, we were interviewed separately and when asked what my job was I said "tourist information assistant" and the lady looked at me like the gig was up and I'd failed the test (you know, like on the film Green Card?!) Anyway, turns out Tim had said "information assistant", which was my official title but as I worked in tourism I just happened to tag a descriptive on the front of it... *sigh*... they make you feel like you've done something wrong when you really haven't, like you're trying to dupe them somehow. You proved he was yours so why do you need to verify it now? Crazy!

    Also... you had white out on your birth certificate? I didn't even think that was considered legal and legit... talk about hypocrisy!

  5. We don't have one for our Henry either. Oops!

  6. My daughter is 3.5 months and I'm just picking up her birth certificate from the county office tomorrow. I heard we need it to fly with him? (Not sure if that's true). I think it is strange that SSN cards come in the mail with no prompting but a birth certificate has to be picked up somewhere.

    I'm glad you got yours and insurance company stuff worked out okay!

    Esperanza (ICLW #95) @

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  7. I also wrongly assumed the first birth certificate came free with the birth. I also teach at a state college so I also had to prove she was legit, therefore having to order one and spending the money.


    At least I have it, though!

  8. Rocco was born in Canada, but did not retain his Canadian citizenship. A while back with all the terrorism fear, the firm had to reproduce birth certificates. What. You can see where this is going. His old boss (since terminated) was a horrible hag who threatened his job until it was produced via the help of our local senator.

    I get it.