Friday, September 3, 2010

Elevator Etiquette

I was on an elevator yesterday and I was all alone. I was standing very near the buttons because...well...I just pushed one, and seeing as how I was alone in the elevator I felt it was wasted energy to move away from that spot. Right as the doors began to close a small middle aged man slipped into the lift (I thought it was fun to call it a "lift"). He announces "I MADE IT!" to the elevator...which only contains me, and the squeezes himself in between me and the button panel so he can push his own button. I immediately move to the other side of the elevator, taking several steps back to indicate the appropriate distance I want between me and the little man. The elevator is large and there are only two of us. I have given up the prime spot right near the buttons and feel okay as we are setting in for our three story ride. The man then moves from the button panel to my side of the elevator. MY SIDE. And he stands really close. Like totally personal space close. Like I hardly need to raise an arm to touch him close. I don't want to be rude, but I take a step forward. And so does he. The doors open and I bolt. Creepy elevator-personal-space-invader.

The day before my older sister and I were on the elevator and a woman gets on. The doors aren't even closed and she goes into this story about her daughter getting stuck in an elevator. How they had to open the doors with her between floors and how she had to jump. I wonder if she tells this story to everyone who she rides on an elevator with. She acted like she just couldn't WAIT to tell us about the elevator horror story.

Elevators bring out weird sides of people. Maybe I will take the stairs a little more often. But probably not. I am awfully lazy. People just need to learn some elevator etiquette. Don't stand too close, don't talk about stories of elevators breaking or crashing. Just stand there quietly for the 30 second ride. It really should be as simple as that.


  1. It's like revolving door etiquette! How do you not know the basic rules?! No, I do not want to share my revolving door wedge with you! Get your own, heavy breather!

    Sorry... if you can't tell, this is a sore subject for me.

  2. Oh my law. Cold sweat reading your post.

    Rocco and I went to see a movie (second one in 2 years) a week or so ago. I adore the trailers. Have you seen the preview for Devil???

    I HATE scary movies, hate them. I almost threw up in my popcorn it scared me so bad. Thank jaw you didnt know of this movie or you might have panicked and thrown this man down elevator shaft.

    Be safe. On a feminist note, I would have gotten RIGHTINHISFACE to ask him why he thought it was appropriate to stand so close to me. Grrr. I dont like the sound of this guy and I would have given him a piece of my mind.

  3. I once was in an elevator by myself and a guy got on. Then he stuck his hand down his pants. And just left it there. I, near panic, pushed the next floor button and ran off of there. What is with creepy people on elevators?

  4. As long as we are on the subject of elevator etiquette.......
    People who stand in front of the doors when they open....BACK UP AND LET ME OFF!!!!

    **I could go on and on

  5. Haha, so funny!

    Why is calling it a "lift" funny? Is that just a British thing? I remember in my first year at uni I had my Russian oral exam and my cue card said "ask where the lift is" and I said to my examiner "I'm sorry, I don't know what the word for 'lift' is" (in Russian, of course... I didn't want to fail!) and the answer? "Lift", said with a Russian accent lol (I think, at that point, I said "seriously?" in English as I was so amused!!)

    Sorry, was that another one of those annoying lift stories? At least I'm not in one whilst telling you it ;o)

  6. The lift in our apartment building was built in the '60s, and doesn't have internal doors - only swing doors that you have to push to exit. Plus it only fits two people, so every ride is an intimate and adrenaline-filled experience.

  7. Loved reading's truly best when you are riding right before you reach the can jump and it's like a split second joy ride. :O)

  8. My worst is when people stand right in front of the doors and don't allow you to leave!

    But yes, I call it a lift :)

    And also, I'm one of those who talks to others, but not scary stories, promise. I just don't get why we change our behaviour once we get in the "lift" :)

  9. I have to admit, I didn't think this is what your story would be about. ;) lol That being said, the stories could have been much worse. :D