Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hotel Stay

Henry had his very first hotel stay this weekend. We weren't sure how he would do, but turns out staying in hotels may be on of his very favorite things.
Henry in Hotel in NC
Maybe because we got to eat snacks and watch cartoons in the bed...
Henry and Papa in hotel in NC
Or maybe because he got to sleep with his Papa instead of in his own crib...
Henry in hotel in NC
Or maybe because Hotel beds make the best forts ever!

**Why yes, I AM splitting these pictures into three posts (the actual family pictures to come tomorrow). What? Do you feel like I am milking this weekend for all it's worth? You're right. I may actually even sneak in a fourth. What can I say, I like pictures!**


  1. Henry is so adorable.

    I always worry about hotel stays too, but Baby Bean doesn't seem to notice she is in a strange pack-n-play. She zonks and sleeps just as soundly there as she does at home.

    I say milk away!

  2. Aww thanks for replying (long parenthesis and all!!) Its nice that you get to do your Masters and work at the same time. It must be quite hectic, juggling motherhood, work and school!! But I am sure you love every moment of it (atleast the motherhood part). Do stick to your Masters and make sure you get that degree (if ever you feel like its dragging lemme know!).
    I did my PhD in biochemistry and am currently working as a post doc in a lab. The pay sucks big time, but the work is lovely. Am following you back as well!

    P.S - this was completely unrelated to your post, but didn't really know where else to post this :P Hope you had a fun mini break.