Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader Panic

I realize I am a day late to this freak out party because yesterday was my day off, and the only think I heard about was the white smoke and all that Catholic chaos (which I find extremely interesting even though I am not Catholic). So I thought THAT was the big news of the day,   but low and behold, there was something much more crucial to my daily life going on.

Google announced that they are shutting down GOOGLE READER.


Nothing has made me feel like I am holding on to a sinking ship with blogging as the idea that google no longer sees a point to run Reader because of low usage. LOW USAGE.  I use Google Reader EVERY FREAKING DAY (Except yesterday... apparently). And according to feedburner (run by GOOGLE) I have hundreds of followers through google reader.  HUNDREDS!  THAT ALMOST MAKES ME A BLOGGING CELEBRITY!! (no it doesn't)

So what's next? Will they shut down BLOGGER?  (also run by GOOGLE) WHERE WILL I PUT ALL MY PRECIOUS WOOOORDS if they shut down blogger??  Who will read my PRECIOUS WORDS if you all can't access them through Google Reader??

I am going to be THAT guy... the one still rocking the 8 tracks because he invested in them damn it, he IS NOT switching to cassette tapes.  WHAT A WASTE.  But for me it will be blogging I just can't quit.  I will still be sitting here, writing away, even when nobody reads anymore.  Because I love it!  And I refuse to believe that you all don't love it too!

So if you want to keep following our story, here are a few options for how to find me once Google abandons all the blogging faithful.

Click HERE to follow Bio Girl on Facebook.

Click HERE to follow me on Twitter, where I always link to new posts.

Click HERE to sign up for Feedly, from what I hear is a good alternative to Google Reader.

Click HERE for a list of other reader alternatives now that Google is leaving the game.

Or you can just keep coming here to good old . I will stick around.  I mean, I pay like $10 a year for this space.  I am going to make the most of it!

Mel over at Stirrup Queens has a great post about this exact same idea, but she managed to put it into words much better than I did. Check it out if you have time!

**I am working in some GIFs around here... because I can SOMETIMES change with the times, and I think tumblr sites like #BBN Problems and #TheClearlyDope are hilarious.  I mean, I don't do it right. I ADD THEM TO MY GOOGLE READER.  But still, I laugh. So I am giving them a try, but if you don't think they work for longer posts like this, just let me know. I might listen, I might not.


  1. I feel the same way! Also about blogger possibly following reader. :(

  2. Ugh, I'm SO sad that they are getting rid of this. I think I'm going to put up a similar post to remind people how else they can keep up with my blog. Then I'm going to need to find an alternative myself. :(