Monday, October 28, 2013

Busiest Birthday Weekend of All Time: Part One

Welcome to post one of the 'Busiest Weekend in the History of Weekends' wrap up series.   I have no idea how many posts this will take to complete.  At least two more after this, but it might even get three.  Because for some reason I decided to do ALL THE THINGS for my birthday.   chili night with a fire pit, soccer game, brunch, Keeneland, dinner and cake at our house, Bengals tailgating and game... basically every possible thing that sounded fun was going to be crammed into two and a half days.    As Candice put it, the weekend was a marathon, not a sprint... an incredibly awesome marathon of a good time.

So let's get started.  This will actually be the shortest of the posts because I only have the pictures taken with my phone to show you, and the only topic I can fully cover with only phone pictures is the soccer game, which was... cold.

Let me lay the scene:
We had been at Candice's chili dinner and fire pit event the night before, so we were up pretty late... plus Henry was coming down with some sort of cold which was unfortunate timing... PLUS it was like 30 degrees and the ground was covered with ice... AND there were 20 members of Henry's family coming out to see him play at 9:30 in the morning.  Family from Louisville, South Carolina and Florida... plus people who live in our town, who also had to like, wake up early and get their butts out in the freezing cold to see this FINAL GAME of the season.  It was going to be so great!!

Right up until the moment when Henry refused to get on the field.  Tears and hugs and lots of  'I don't want to' and 'I don't feel good' and 'it's too cold'.... and... TWENTY FAMILY MEMBERS.  HERE.  TO SEEEEEE YOU CHILD.

Henry was not impressed.  Henry did not care.  Henry did not WANT to play soccer today in the early morning cold. 

I was fairly horrified.  I mean, there wasn't a single angle I felt good about this.  Was he really sick?  And I have him out here in the cold trying to force him to play soccer (DANCE MONKEY, DANCE) ?  PARENTING FAIL.  Was he just tired because we let him stay up at the bonfire way too late?  Running around outside in the freezing, dark night?  PARENTING FAIL.  Is it wrong that I am bribing him with new toys in order to get him out there playing?  PARENTING FAIL.  Was he just being stubborn without a real reason, and I am just unable to convince him to PLAY THIS GAME YOU HAVE ENJOYED FOR THE LAST TWO MONTHS?  PARENTING FAAAAIL.

So, it felt rather like a birthday disaster, until I handed the reigns over to Nick who  somehow magically talked him into getting out onto the field with half of the final quarter left to play. PARENTING WIN!  But yeah... half of the final quarter.  If that. He was in just long enough to kick the ball one good time and be incredibly proud of himself before the final whistle blew and the Fall 2013 soccer season ended. But as he ran onto the field his family cheered like crazy, and they went nuts when his little foot made contact with the ball that one time.... I mean, it's why we were here, right?

That and to see the presenting of the trophies.  Who doesn't want a trophy after at LEAST three full minutes of soccer playing?  This kid EARNED IT!
GOOOOOoooooooooo FORCE!

***So... soccer.  We are on the fence.  At times he loved it, at times it felt like I was forcing him to play. We will give it a little time, then let him decide if he wants to play again or try something new in the spring **



  1. Happy birthday! Yeah, we tried soccer with my 4yo in the spring. She cried the whole time (unusual for her outgoing little self). I think she just had a really hard time reconciling the idea that it was ok for the other kids to steal the ball from her. We even cheered for them! So contrary to every other aspect of her life when she is told to be kind and share. It got marginally better as the weeks went on, but when it was over, we were both very glad to say goodbye. Just recently, she's been asking when soccer will start again, though. I guess I was more scarred by the experience than she was!

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