Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Creating a Monster

The other night we were having dinner and right in the middle of the meal Henry says "I have a GREAT idea.  How about you take my picture so you can put it on the computer!"

"Um... like, just a picture of you eating?  No sweetie, I put your picture on the computer yesterday.  I think you are pretty well documented..."

"But MAMA.  You need my picture for my BIRTHDAY VIDEO when I turn five years old.  I REALLY think you should take it."

" Ummmm.... but like...just yesterday..."

"No mama.  We need it. It is a GREAT IDEA. Just take it."


Someone is looking very green eyed this evening :) #literally #nofilter

I mean, this is a monster of my own making.  Four and a half years of blogging has got to come at a price...

PS.  Here is the other picture I posted on Facebook the day before:
Accidentally wearing red on UK vs Bama game day (FAIL), but still a sweet pic with my boy :)
Because: adorable

PSS. Oh, and the one from the day before that...

But it's a late find wedding picture, so that hardly even counts.

(I know, with more pictures of the two of us, and poor Nick is missing... but have no fear. I have pictures with him to share tomorrow!)

(I may have a picture taking problem)

(and it is clearing genetic)

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