Friday, October 4, 2013

Helping Those Who Need It

The government, man...

I mean...

I got nothing really.

 I don't want to get super political here, or pick a side because deep down  I think a solid 90% of Americans agree on basic things, no matter our political leanings.

Nobody wants to work hard, just to give all their money to people who take advantage of a system.  Obviously.

 Nobody wants hard working and/or down on their luck Americans and innocent children to die of hunger or curable diseases, just so they can go swimming in all their extra riches (Scrooge style).  Obviously.

And yet here we sit, four days into a government shutdown, while ALL OF THE COUNTRY is scratching their heads over how the non-healthcare related budget has caused a situation where nearly a million workers are out of work without pay....

Where the NIH is closed to new patients and studies... (This kills my heart.)

Where families cannot get the WIC vouchers they so desperately need to feed their children.  


I will not take sides, I will not point out the things I think should be done, or talk about my feelings on the Afordable Care Act (That one's a hard promise... I want to TELLLLL you my feelings about it).  But everyone is hearing so much of that, so I am taking a page out of The Bloggess' Book and just linking to a way to help.

Make a Donation to Feeding America.  They will get the food to people who need it.  ONE DOLLAR= EIGHT MEALS.  If you are currently working, and have a few dollars to spare, think of those who aren't, and try to give $10.  It will feed 80 people.

I consider my family blessed that we can keep food on the table.  That this boy doesn't have to know what hungry feels like.  That a government battle doesn't mean we go to bed hungry.  Nick and I are lucky enough to still be working, so we will donate to make sure those who aren't can feed their families.  Please think about doing the same.    



  1. Well said, Sarah. Thank you for posting this.

  2. As someone who comes from a country where free healthcare for all is standard I am at a loss to understand just why this is such a massive divider in the US government (but maybe I just don't understand it all properly?) I couldn't believe the news of the government shut down (reminding me how very different our governments work) and my heart just goes out to everyone affectes by this because I have no doubt it is going to affect so many. I shall see if I can donate (sometimes paymenrs to oversees things flag up as "suspect" and I have to call the bank etc) Glad to hear you guys are all okay xxx

  3. Sorry I just realised that might have sounded really negative... What I meant was I am baffled because our systems work so differently (not that one is better than the other... Our government has made a hash up of somuch in recent years!!)