Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let's Play Ball!

Speaking of tball, Henry had his first game last Saturday!
He is a trend-setter with the one pant leg pulled up to show his sock...
Run, child, ruuuuun! (he scored his first run!)
Very serious as the second baseman.
Much less serious playing middle field... (yes, that's his glove on top of his head)
Playing pitcher with a huge helmet on.. which he continued to roll his head around and announce to the crowd that it was too heavy... always the comedian
My sweet boys
Post game smiles

We had our second game last night, and even though it was a little cold it was very enjoyable.  Especially when I went into the dug-out to talk to Henry and in an attempt to get the kids talking and getting to know each other I asked if anyone has seen the Lego Movie, and one of the kids started singing "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!"  while dancing.   All the kids started laughing and the ice was broken,  funny noises, multiple hats on heads, cheering on their teammates as they hit the ball... it was a good game, and I think a peek into how fun this season is going to be.

Go Cubs!

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