Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spur of the Moment

So yeah, Monday night was a bummer. But we are so proud of our team, and can't wait for next year!

On to more cheerful things.   I really am planning to post pictures from this past weekend (UK game!  Keeneland!  Family in from South Carolina!!!)  and ALSO to post picture from the weekend before that (Introducing baby Freddy!)  But I don't have time for that today due to the fact that I spent the morning doing basically nothing at all... I blame lack of motivation on how busy I have been these last few days.  My body just refused to let me get up out of the recliner I sat in three hours ago.  What can you do?

So Instead I will show you what a spur of the moment decision looks like:

Yeah, I cut about six inches off my hair and got bangs.  No real thought or planning behind this decision. I just went to my hair girl yesterday and she said "keep it the same?" and I said "Or... do something different?  Maybe bangs?  And much shorter? "  BOOM!

When you are 34 years old this is what spur of the moment decisions look like.  When I was 18 it was a butterfly tattoo on spring break... but I mean, THIS IS BIG TOO! 

Back tomorrow with pictures, so stay tuned.

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