Thursday, April 10, 2014

Look Who's Here!

*South Carolina family...your post is next. I promise*

So back in February Boo and I hosted a baby shower for our sweet friends, Ryan and Arielle.

Me and Arielle at said shower
The shower was actually really cute...
And included really great people
And yet somehow it slipped by and I never wrote a post about it.  And that would be okay, and those things happen, except I sorta needed the link in order to mention that...

Baby Freddy is here!!

Nick and Henry getting to know Freddy
Mama needed a turn too!  He is so tiny!

It is so amazing that these guys have stayed such close friends their entire lives.  We are very blessed to have them, and are so excited to have Freddy join the extended family!

PS. Arielle, somehow I didn't get a picture with you and Freddy, but know that I am now sad about that!  Next time...

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