Tuesday, November 4, 2014

All the Cool Kids are Doing It... (Go Vote!)

This morning when Henry got up I told her we were going to go vote.  This lead to a qusetion on what is voting, and what is government, and HOW DOES LIFE WORK?!?!  While there are harder questions (i.e. where do babies come from??), I still found the concept hard to explain.  I went with a detailed example where his teacher Mrs. Turner is the president, each student in his class is a memeber of congress, and everyone at home are people living in the states.  The example vote at hand, do we have a pizza party or a movie party.  I might be giving him the wrong idea about the decisions made in D.C...
Anyway, we VOTED!  Henry has always come to the polls with me, but I think this time he might actually remember it.  Teach them young, right?

If you live in the US and are an adult, I highly encourage you to vote.  Turn out at our voting location was HUGE, so I am hoping the predicting polls were wrong and people do actually show up across the country today to let their voices be heard.

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