Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Slumber Party

So this weekend my best friend Charing had a slumber party.

And it was awesome.  Our group of girlfriends were all able to make it, but not at the same time, so we had to take two group selfies, one with Liz and then one with Candice.
This one was around midnight and we were beyond tickled about it's outcome.  I realize it might not look that funny to those who were not present, but we laughed.  Hard.  There were tears.
The kids were invited, and they had a blast.  At one point I walked down to the basement to find the kids all sword fighting while standing on the air hockey table. Because... well... that's how we roll at slumber parties.  When I looked at Henry and Cici and said "WHAT are you doing?!?!"  They froze, shrugged and said "The big kids are doing it!"  One day we will have to have a talk about bridges and jumping and making your own decisions, but I wanted to get back upstairs to the grown up party so I figured they were okay. 

A little while later Wes came upstairs to tell us he hit his head... on the ceiling.  When we asked what happened he sighed and said "Really, it's a long story..."  Okay then!  No tears, it's allll good.

Thank you to my sweet friend for having us all over.  What a wonderful night with a group of my very favorite people!

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