Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kindergarten Picture

School pictures are sorta a big deal if you think about it.  I mean, these pictures go into the year book, and for years afterwards (FOREVER!) people can look back and see exactly what you looked like when you were in a specific grade.  I remember being in middle and high school and looking back at early elementary yearbooks with my friends to see what everyone looked like in kindergarten or first grade.  We were so tiny!  And more importantly, some of us were so adorable while others...well other's didn't really know how to take a picture.  Even as an adult I have flipped through my old year books, looking at myself and at my friends, just because.  So when the day in September came for Henry to get his very first school picture made I worried.  He isn't always great at smling on demand and having it look natural, and I wouldn't be there to coach him!  But what can you do...  You gotta send them out into the world and hope they are big enough to take a decent yearbook picture, right?

Turns out Henry is TOTALLY capable of taking an awesome year book picture, even without me there.

My heart.  I did not know it was possible to be this happy with a freaking school picture.  I just keep looking at it and grinning.  JUST LOOK AT HIM!

Good lord, I sure do love this boy.

(Grandparents: Consider this post a Christmas present spoiler.... make room on the mantel!)


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