Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bio Girl Reading Corner- The First time in Forever Edition

Remember how I said I was going to tell you all what I have been reading every month or two? I even gave the posts a name, Bio Girl's Reading Corner? So catchy. And then I sorta just stopped doing it... because blogs are a place where promises are broken...

Actually, it's because I only ever think to do a blog post when I read a REALLY good book.  And sometimes lots of books that are just okay come and go between those events.  So what book have I read that's amazing, you ask?

I give you, the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown.

AHHH!  These books are so good!  They are like Star Wars meets Hunger Games meets something else entirely that I can't think of because I am not a book reviewer.  I should mention I even got the Star Wars meets Hunger Games from another site I read about the books...  but seriously, they are so good.  SO SO GOOD.  And Only two of the trilogy are out, and I am not going to lie, you will be ANNOYED when you finish book two because of the WAAAAITING.  But don't you want to get on this bandwagon early?  DON'T YOU??  (You do.)  So read these books, then come tell me you read them so we can taaaaaaaalk about them.

So, what else?  Well, I read the first two books in the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series and they are both good.  4/5 stars, totally worth reading but not worth forcing me to write a blog post about them.  They fall in line with lots of other books I enjoy, so it makes since I would like these.  They have some weirdness/magic like events, they involve young adults and children, they have a British component and a time travel component... right up my Alley really.
I read The Magicians trilogy, which is also really good.  As I started it I assumed each book would be a year at a magical school (because that's how you write books about magical schools!) but that isn't the case at all.  It moves quickly and has lots of things I for one never saw coming.  It's an odd combination of Harry Potter and Narnia, but it's all grown up and twisty.  Definitely worth reading.

What else (check's GoodReads) Oh, I read the new Throne of Glass!  Why did I not blog about this?? IT WAS AMAZING!  My only issue was I THOUGHT it was a trilogy but it is apparently a seven book series. And I was FAR into this book before I realized that "Well there is no WAY this  can wrap up in the next fifty pages!"  I feel like I would have enjoyed it even more if  I wasn't constantly on the look out for the part of a series where things start falling into place and, you know, STOPS Introducing entirely new story lines and characters.  But this series is on my list of all time favorites.  You should read it.  (If you like fantasy young adult books about an assassin... if you don't, you might want to take all my book recommendations lightly...)

I also read Landline, which was good, but not even close to my favorite book by Rainbow Rowell.  But Rowell is pretty much always worth reading.  Just start with Eleanor and Park or Fangirl.
I completed the Life from Scratch series by my friend Melissa Ford including the second book Measure of Love and Apart at the Seams.  I enjoyed the entire series!  I like the characters and I like the blogging and infertility portions of the storyline.  Also, it's pretty neat that I know an author of a book series...

I also read the final book in the Born Wicked series, and was sorta disappointed.  I think it had to do with a personal connection I made to the three sisters, and it just became a little hard for me to read.  Plus, I had this one issue with this one aspect of the story... this is all very vague if you haven't read it... I guess my overall thought is the series is worth reading, even though I liked the first two books better than this last installment.

I also read We Were Liars, which had rave reviews, but I just thought it was okay.  I mean, I see why other people liked it. It just wasn't for me exactly. 

I also read The Book of Life, The Husband's Secret, and Lucky Us  (I am tired of loading book covers...)  All just okay.  None worth recommending.  Clearly I had a pretty bad book slump through the second half of 2014... no wonder I haven't done a reading corner post in awhile! 

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  1. I clicked over to comment on the Magicians and then saw my own book :-)

    I always take your recommendations because we seem to have the same reactions to books. Loved Magicians. Thought Landline was fine (seriously, you can't get a hold of your husband for that long and you're like, "oh well!") -- I think she does better with YA than adult. Didn't like We Were Liars at all. It grated on me.

    Putting Red Rising on my to-read list now.