Thursday, February 12, 2015

First Exam

I gave my first exam on Tuesday and for some reason I thought it seemed like an excellent idea to have it held online.  I remember thinking "If it's online, I won't have to do anything!"

Anyone who has held an exam online is currently laughing at me.

While a fair chunk of my day was spent putting out student fires, another large portion of it was spent obsessing over the grades as they came in.  YOU GUYS.  Do you know how much I love tests?? DO YOU??   (I am so weird).  And while I was a student I could get sucked into the statistical analysis of my own grade, but that can only last so long.  BUT.  With 150 students... oh my word, the statistical manipulations are endless.  ENDLESS FUN.

 All that is to say, I am now 25% done with my first semester of teaching and I am really enjoying myself. I have only had two students drop the class, and for the most part they are still showing up (because it counts towards their grade... I am no fool).  Every week I am managing to find youtube videos to show them, plus my streak for finding pictures of random fictional characters I love who look like they are asking a question for my "Questions?"  slide is going strong.  Today's character?

 Leslie Knope

I haven't taken a poll or anything (MAYBE I SHOULD!) but I feel like things are going well.


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