Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Aren't Going Anywhere...

So, a foot of snow later (10 inches Monday, another couple this morning) are we are fairly stuck. School has been canceled for the rest of the week and I am working from home.

Nick helped Henry get ready to go out in the snow.  They were both pretty tickled with his snow attire. 

Things could be worse.  I made it out of the house yesterday to pick up a prescription, but it was not easy going. We have lots of milk and bread... and other food because what do you make with just milk and bread? Nick headed back in to work today but Henry and I are staying in since temps are dropping to -15 tomorrow (!!)  The Cabin fever will be intense by the weekend!

Speaking of cabin fever, I pulled up this picture of us on this weekend last year, enjoying a trip to the mountains for Cousin Cabin Weekend.
How lucky were we??  SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS!  NO COATS!  NO SNOW!


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  1. I know! How crazy is all this snow?! I have loved all of the extra play time with Lincoln, but I'm ready to thaw out now.