Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter at the Farm

So Easter happened!  And I am finally blogging about it!  Settle in for a seriously long picture post!  (Or... you know, just click away now.  Your choice. I will never know!)

Easter morning basket fun. 
A double decker couch, because it's awesome. 
Pokemon... some reason
Puppets! We have a thing for puppets around here.  Super Kitty has become a fast family favorite.

Easter afternoon we spent at my parents farm.  They used to always to a big Easter with lots of extended family, but the last couple of years we decided not to do that... holidays are hard after really hard loss.  But this year it felt right to invite people back to the farm and celebrate together.  Here are my sweet parents with the farm house in the background.  You can sorta see all the tables set up. There were 30 people and it was truly wonderful to spend the holiday with so many people we love.

Now, to all the PICTURES.  Henry in his Easter Best
Cici in hers!

 Great Mawmaw with the babies and Super Kitty... I love this picture so much

Fence pictures... an Easter tradition
 Candice and Lucas

 Another tradition... it will be fun to line up these holiday pictures of the two of them in a few years and watch him grow!
 Carole and Nana
 Grandaddy and Great Grandma
 Grammy and Grandpa
 Wil and Gayla
 Boo and Chris
 Mamaw, Natalia and Aunt Josie
 So. Jealous.
 Grandaddy and GrandVal
 There are only the two kids,  and we weren't sure there were enough eggs...
 Cici on the hung
 Turner out they each filled three baskets and had to dump them and go back out and keep searching
 That's right.  Three baskets each
 I just like the hunting pictures
 So I am going to keep sharing them
Yeah... there were plenty

 The large tub should have tipped us off
 Carole and Cheryl
 Marlene, Carole and Cheryl
 My adorable parents
 Mom with Mamaw and Aunt Josie
 Nick with Super Kitty
 Us with Grandaddy and GrandVal (and tweety bird)

The babies with Natalia

 And that's all!  Happy Easter (One week later...)


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