Friday, April 24, 2015

Just Keep Writing

This morning I read two blog posts talking about how blogging is dead.  I stopped to think on it for a second, like I usually do when I read about the death of blogging and what that means since, you know, I still do it, and this morning I zeroed in on how often I read blogs anymore. The answer is not very often at all.  The fact that I am telling you this story based on me reading two blog  posts this morning that contained multiple paragraphs full of honest to god words in a single day is pretty unusual.

I don't know what it means... maybe it is a signal I am moving more and more away from this past time I have loved for so long, or maybe it is what other bloggers are saying, that it is more evidence of the death of blogs everywhere.  Maybe I no longer read because so few people are still writing.  And maybe I have a harder time writing because in a lot of ways blogging is a conversation, even while it is your personal site and your personal story. We feed off of each other, picking up ideas from one post to spin off our own unique thoughts and create our own.

Anyway, I don't have much to say on it really.  But in years past I would have written down at least these few thoughts, adding to the conversation, so I decided to do that again today.  Just talking for the sake of talking, or blogging for the sake of blogging.  Hoping someone is listening, and that this post might possibly contribute to someone elses unique addition to the conversation. 



  1. I think blogging is going through a transition period. Tons of people started blogging when the "mommy blogging" thing was big and most of them have realized it's a lot of work and some don't want to share that much information. Even Dooce is making changes in her blogging. Interesting to see how things will change. The same thing has happened with travel blogs; tons of people started them but they are gradually dropping out.

  2. I am so sad. Blogger just ate my very long comment. Not knowing if it will do so again, I will just say that blogging is very much alive and kicking. It depends on where you look.

    1. You are totally right, actually. I just went to your blog (which I do still regularly read :) ) and took the time to read the round up posts for this week. They are all wonderful and I have never been to any of their blogs before. I think a long time ago I stopped ever looking for new blogs, feeling overwhelmed with the number I was reading and not having time for more. Since then, most of the ones I have read have either stopped blogging or I have not been as interested or invested in their stories, so I slowly stopped checking in. Maybe what I really need to do is spend some time finding new blogs...

    2. Blogging is far from dead... But it has changed a LOT since the early days. Many people who began blogs for fun and conversation have taken that over to social media, and so as you have said, if you don't look for new blogs it will look like everyone is jumping ship. But there are more blogs now than ever before, and it can feel like a minefield at times. Many people are also starting to blog more professionally than just as a hobby, so it can feel like this old style friendly conversation is dying, but there are still loads of people doing that. I've totally neglected my blog over the past few years as life took over, but I have been to a major parent bloggers conference in London for the past three years running and I can tell you that being in a venue with over 500 bloggers is a pretty good reminder that the passion for it still exists and is growing all the time :)

      I miss the old days sometimes as it feels as if blogging is big business these days and it is harder to find those close blogging friends within such a massive arena, but they can still be found. I think that your blog has grown with you and changed focus a lot over the years and that may also explain why it feels so different... You mentioned in a previous post how you no longer write about infertility and Endo and that also means you are no longer connecting 's much in those circles... It can be hard establishing where you can find new blogs to connect with when you are still finding your new "niche" but you will find it xx

  3. I think you commented on the post I wrote a few months ago "is blogging dead?" because it feels like it. you write, and no one comments and you're right - the whole point is the conversation.

    Since that time, I think blogging isn't dead but it is not the same as before. I don't know if the conversations are still happening (I don't see them much anywhere) and apparently we're to click through to Facebook to comment on posts (um, no thanks!) these days, or just share them on Twitter and so on.

  4. Synchronicity! I was trawling through my old blog posts which hubby helped me import to my new blog and today I've been avoiding the weather by going through lots of posts and sorting out categories, stopping every now and then to have a read.

    I read this post from 2009 and had a look at the comments - you were there! I clicked through on your name and lo and behold your blog is still running and what are you talking about? Blogging and do we read them any more?

    So hello across the years, I'm yet to have a good old browse of your site and see what you have been up to. Do you still watch science fiction and did you become a fan of Warehouse 13 like we did?

    Yes, I guess blogging has changed quite a bit, however it's cool to be able make contact again after so long and I think I will be trying to read other's blogs more often. I'd lost touch a bit so I enjoyed reading your post :)