Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Because Now Seems Like the PERFECT Time for Home Renovations

I have more tball pictures/stories to share, but I looked back and realized this blog has been all tball all the time lately (WELCOME TO OUR LIVES!) so I thought I would go a different direction. (Tball pictures later this week, because= obviously)

So we (Nick) have been talking for awhile now about widening the entryway between our kitchen and dining room.  I thought it sounded like a good plan.  One for "someday".  I mean, currently we are insane with work and school and tball and birthday party planning.  It didn't really occur to me that he meant NOW.

He totally meant now.
So Saturday night we sent Henry off to my parents for a sleep over so we could begin the project.  We actually worked in the yard first and as we came inside I was still thinking we would do more talking/planning vs. demolition.
Maybe there was some denial going on, now that I think about it.
This is with the wall completely out. We (Nick) are currently re-framing the entry way to make it basically a much more open doorway.  We already love it.

Just IMAGINE how great it will be with drywall and what not... which we really need to get on since there is a party here in three weeks celebrating SOMEONE turning six.

In other random news, I bought the paper products and tablecloths for Henry's birthday party and the check out lady asked if I was having a tax deductible party.  Um... No?  I said it was for my son' birthday and she looked shocked and asked how many kids I have. I decided to NOT mention the working cannon from last years party and just mumbled something about having a lot of family.   For the record, I do REALLY think we are down sizing this year, although Nick still has three weeks to decide to do something insane.  This week he tore down and rebuilt a wall, so three weeks is still a world of time.

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