Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

So it's my birthday.  Not that I have a lot to say in regards to it being my birthday, but it IS true, so you know... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 

In lieu of any birthday related thoughts ( I am older yet feel the same...the end), I am going to post a few of the family pictures we took last weekend.  We had a family gathering at the farm which will hopefully someday get it's entire own post, but since it's THE DAY OF ME, I am just going to show the ones of my little family. Because I love them.
How sweet is this? We all look so happy! I mean, we are happy, but we LOOK happy, which is nice.
And THIS. I can't even with the love of this picture.  Gah.

Okay, those are my two favorites of the three of us, but these are also enjoyable.

And technically I am venturing past the pictures of just us with these last two BUT IT IS MY BIRTHDAY (and my blog) so I will do what I want...
It is impossible not to love these pictures. I am pretty sure that's a fact and it isn't just because I love the kids in them.
Anyway, happy birthday to me.

(I would apologize for the randomness and the general poor quality of the writing in this post but... BIRTHDAY. )


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  1. Happy birthday to you, Sarah. Wishing you much happiness this next year!